One Pot Corned Beef Stew

Corned Beef Stew



This recipe is quick and easy to make in just one pot. A great recipe to get the kids involved with too.

It can also be frozen for another day.

Happy eating!!

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1 Wash and chop the potatoes into chunks or quarters. You can peel your potatoes if you like but I can never be bothered.

2 Cover the potatoes with water and bring to the boil. Then simmer until parboiled.

3 Add the frozen veg in with the potatoes. Add a little extra water so the potatoes/vegetables are just covered if required.

4 Simmer until the vegetables are cooked.

5 Meanwhile open and chop the corned beef into chunks.

6 When the veg is cooked, add the gravy to the pan and stir until it's a consistency that you like. Add a little at a time

7 Then add the chopped corned beef to the stew and stir until fully mixed and serve up.


Cooking Time: 25 mins

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700 g potatoes (40p)
1 can corned beef (£2.95)
500 grams frozen mixed vegetables (70p)
85 g gravy (make your own or use something like Bisto) (30p)

Taken from: Nomipalony

Recipe suggested by Claire Worboys

Cost: £4.35 / £1.08 a portion

Portions: 3 - 4

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Alston Moor Foodbank Recipe - Cprned Beef Stew