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We would like to say a huge thank you to all the individual people who have donated by cash, by bank transfers and some even by monthly standing orders.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to the Freemasons who kindly gave us a donation, and to Alston Moor Business Association who gave us some money from their winding-up funds.

Robinwooders have had a "Walk to Work" sponsored event and raised £274.50 which they have donated to the Foodbank. Thanks to everyone involved for all that walking, especially in this weather.

These kind donations makes such a difference to our ability to share with people who are financially strapped because of the current cost-of-living crisis.

Lately we have had more people needing help than we have ever had before. So every penny counts. And many of these people are offering their time in return. It’s really great when what goes around, comes around.

Again THANK YOU EVERYONE. You have made a difference for someone here on Alston Moor.

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And thank you.

We are sorry but due to storage issues we only accept money at the moment and cannot take food

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