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May's Chef


Guy Harmer

From the Cumberland Inn

May's Chef's RecipeCreamy Rice Pudding

May's Chef's RecipeCreamy Rice Pudding


Guy says:
Why do collectors choose desserts made with light brown sugar?

Because Demerara!

We don't have many dessert recipes so this recipe from Guy is most welcome


1) Mix dry ingredients in a lasagne type dish, place in preheated oven, Gas 5, 200°C, and pour over cream milk mix.

2) Stir gently. This way, you don't have to carry the dish around, sloshing the milk everywhere.

3) Bake for one hour, whilst the surface browns, and then turn down to gas 3, 160°C.

4) Leave until set, approx 1 more hour.

Cooking Time: 2 hrs including rest time

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8oz Short Grain Rice
8oz Demerara Sugar,
3 pints semi skimmed milk,
1 pint pouring cream

Portions: 8

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A bit about GuyChef at the Cumberland Inn

He's a man of few words obviously…….

Chef, Proprietor, Cellar Manager, owner, etc of Cumberland Inn since 2002.

History in Hotel Management since 1990, including a spell on our own narrowboat hotel. 

From Jesmond, Newcastle, although born in South London.

Married to Helen, since 2000, with 2 children, Rachel and Tom, both now at university.

Guy's Kitchen Tip

Best use of Chicken

Buy whole chickens, and learn how to joint them. You then have 4 meals for the price of 2 chicken breasts.

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