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Recipe of the Week

On this page we feature recipes that have been sent into us by Alston Moor folk. The criteria for the recipes are they must not cost a lot of money, they must be economical and preferably cheap or if not cheap they must feed a crowd!

They can be your own family recipes or ones you have found on the internet or in a cook book!! As the weeks pass we will move each recipe to our growing bank of recipes. Thanks everyone.

Happy Eating folks.

Latest Recipe

Beer Can Chicken

It's that time of year again when BBQs come out. Homemade ones, improvised ones, doesn't matter. This recipe for Beer Can Chicken is good cooked on any type of Barbi or in the oven.


Previous Recipes

Bolied Egg Curry

Something different for tea. Forget fish and meat curries, let's have a change with boiled eggs and potatoes. Try it out now.

Learn how to do it with the full recipe

Fluffy Pancakes

How about something different for Pancake Day? Japanese fluffy pancakes.
The difference is that you split the eggs and whip the whites. Sounds delicious.

Learn how to do it with the full recipe

Potato Latkes

Do you get bored with always having potatoes in the same way? Well Potato Latkes are easy to make and utterly delicious. And give you that rich fried taste without being too calorie heavy!

Cauliflower, carrot and spinach dahl

Who doesn’t love a soothing dahl – especially when it is so easy to make? Absolutely delicious. Covers your 5 a day and of course is very healthy for everyone.

Thanks to Alice Bondi for this week's recipe.

Veggie Bulgar Chilli

This recipe is great to feed loads of hungry mouths. Between the bulgar wheat and the beans it makes loads. And tasty. It really is delicious and filling.

Fondant Potatoes

Potatoes are really versatile and can be plain and if required both delicious and rich. This recipe is an example of extremely rich owing to frying the potatoes in butter. Try it out. You certainly wont regret it. Easy to cook. Takes 45 mins.

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