Oat Burgers

Oat Burgers



Oat Burgers can be as plain or as fancy as you can afford. You can add in all kinds of things (see Ingredients) and make them really tasty. Or if you are strapped they are a great tummy filler.

Happy eating!!

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1 Mix the oats with hot water until they are a pattie consistency. Do not over water or the burgers will be sloppy. Leave for 10 mins or so.
2) Add some fried onions and anything else that you fancy. There are a number of suggestions in the Ingredients panel.
3) Heat some oil up in a pan
4) Fry on both side until golden brown.

Adding an egg, if you have one makes them hold together better. But not necessary!
If you have left over patties/burgers they can be frozen for eating on another day

Cooking Time: 20 mins

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Porridge Oats

Mixed Herbs
Any spice
Nutritional Yeast (from the Wholefood Shop)
Cooked veg

(Cooked bacon if you are not veggie)

Photo from: Hungry Young Woman

Recipe suggested by Shelagh and Terry Connor

Cost: to come

Portions: as many as you like!

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Alston Moor Foodbank - Oat Burgers