It’s tremendous to hear that young people are committed to supporting the Alston Moor Food Bank. 

Penny Burdon, from Alston Moor Brownies has decided to support us as part of her efforts to gain her Brownie ‘charity badge’. She’ll be participating in a ‘dance-a-thon’ on Saturday 1 July to raise money for the foodbank, and you can sponsor her efforts by contacting Glayne Burdon on Facebook Messenger.

We’re really impressed with Penny, and very grateful to her for her thoughtfulness. The money she raises will be a great help to the foodbank, and we’re just so pleased to know of a young person who is so thoughtful about her local community.

Penny has also made a poster for the Foodbank. You will see it around Alston Moor in the coming days.

Please sponsor Penny and support our Foodbank.